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Our ANSI style memory management module.

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VCore Library

The VCore library contains functionality to support all of the other Solid Fluid libraries.

The bulk of the actual binary instructions in this library are associated with memory management functionality.

The remainder of the library is associated with defining the main base class (VObject) for all other classes that are defined and used. Whilst there is very little actual code associated with these definitions, some of the capabilities offered are conceptually very important;

  • Run-time type
  • Object creation
  • Constructor / destructor
  • Error handling
  • Verification
  • Serialisation
  • Synchronisation
  • Thread completion

Synopses of these concepts in relation to VObject, are enumerated in the files, adjacent on the left.

The VObject class is the at the core of everything that has been done here. On it's own it has little use, but with everything else, it is tremendously powerful and has paid for it's self, many times.

Simplicity is always the main aim.

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