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When configuring the SPA3102 you will undoubtedly come across cryptic strings that control such features as dial plans, dial tones and ringer cadences. Although you may find information on the construction of dial plans, information on setting the dial tones and ringer cadences is harder to find. For completeness we illustrate these concepts here, so that you can experiment and create your own constructs.

On cursory inspection, these structures seem formidable. Certainly, I looked at them and immediately thought of regular expressions (which we cover on this site elsewhere). On examination, these these control structures do resemble the cryptic strings that form regular expressions, but they are actually much simpler and you should be able to grasp them easily, and with little effort. If you are familiar with PSpice and it's kin, you'll probably have clicked already!

The dial plan strings require an existing understanding of voice gateways, and we make comment about these when discussing the setup of the SPA3102 Line 1 sub-tab here. The dial plan control strings are quite separate from the dial tone and cadence strings, but the cadence strings can be used on their own, or as a part of the dial tone specification string.

Adjacent on the left you will find links to pages which describe the structure of the dial tone and cadence strings combined, and dial plans separately.

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