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Solid Fluid Licensing

The majority of the software applications we produce only operate in the presence of an electronic licence. We do this because unlike big corporate organisations, and even some of the open source software community, we have no explicit revenue stream or sponsor, aside from those who buy our licences. The main reason to buy our software, is that if you do, we can continue to improve it; for your benefit. We provide a forum specifically so that people who use our software, can feed back their experiences. We can't garantee to implement everything that everyone requests. We don't have the manpower. In principle, however, we want to give people the software they want, not the software we want them to have.

The licensing scheme centres around an electronic licence key which you can buy from us on this website. If you are trying to obtain a key for one of our applications, navigate to the home page for that application. At the bottom of the page you should find the licence types available for that application. Next to each licence type is a button which can be used to add the licence to your shopping basket. If they're not there, then it's possible that our e-commerce server is not currently available. If that's the case, just give it a couple of hours and try again.

Some of our software may be distributed under the same licensing scheme, but at no cost to the end user. In these cases the Free Software icon/logo will appear prominently on the application homepage. Where we distribute our software at no charge, it may still be necassary to register a licence with an application, and that licence may be indefinite or for a limited period of time. Where such a "no charge" licence is available for an application it will ship within the application installer, and the actual licence key will be deposited in the target folder along with the applicaion binary/executable files.

Adjacent on the left you will find details of the different licence types that we offer, and a comprehensive guide to downloading, installing and registering your new Solid Fluid application.

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