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Our open source dependencies

Listed adjacent, are our open souce dependencies. Some of these are dependencies that have been written by others, and some by ourselves. In many cases we feel the need to adjust the interfaces to suit our own code. In others we have provided interfaces to the modules to ensure consistent interfaces among them.

Any code and/or documentation we produce as a part of our open source activity will appear here. Even if you are not interested in our own open source capabilities, it might be worth investigating these pages. If you wish to use an open source module that we didn't produce, but which we also use, you may find information that makes your integration effort more straightforward.

The power of open source software is incredible. Perhaps our ability to produce code falls short of that which is generally prevalent. Even so, it still seems amazing that people are willing and able to let their code roam free. For us, we are still such a small company that we feel it almost impossible to make the whole of our codebase open source. We see the need to make money from our developments as paramount. We do not yet have the confidence to fully embrace the open source model.

As a business grows, surely so does confidence. We do believe in the benefits that the open source model brings, and whole heartedly hope that our business is successful enough to allow us to embrace it. To make this kind of contradiction work in the early stages, and as an ongoing concern, we feel that our codebase must remain as independent as possible. Some things, however, it just does not make sense even to attempt to re-invent.

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