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Forum Rules

We run a forum to allow anyone interested in engineering and technology, to discuss this subject, and any other that may seem appropriate. In addition it serves as a focal point for users to discuss our software, with the intention of achieving continuous improvement. To meet these aims we ask that you behave in a respectful manner when posting to our forums. In particular you must not;

  • Post insulting, threatening or defamatory material.
  • Post any material likely to cause undue annoyance, provocation, upset or embarrassment to any reasonable person.
  • Name companies or individuals in relation to accusations of malpractice, fraud or other criminal or civil offences.
  • Use the forums to harass anyone, including but not limited to posting personal or private information and images.
  • Post material which infringes copyright or other intellectual property rights.
  • Post material or links to material that may be considered pornographic, violent, racist, sexist or voyeuristic or is otherwise offensive or unlawful.
  • Post links to websites or adverts for your own commercial gain. If you wish to advertise on our website, please contact us.
  • Create multiple profiles.

These posting rules act in addition to our Terms of Use.

Not following these rules may result in postings, or parts thereof, being removed without notice. In some cases it may be necessary to ban use, by removing user accounts and/or blocking network addresses. Again, this may happen without notice.

Any references to, or of allegations of criminal activity, may be passed onto the police.

Posters on the web forum should be aware that the site is accessible to the public and other registered users and they should not disclose any personal information (such as their telephone number, home or email address) that they do not wish to be made public.

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