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Folder Icon Installation
Step-by-step, how to install a Solid Fluid application.
Folder Icon Application Licensing
Why and how to work with our software licensing scheme.
Folder Icon Windows and the Framework
Details of the Solid Fluid windowing framework.
Folder Icon Search, Find and Replace
How to find things on your computer, and automatically manipulate data in open documents.
Folder Icon Libraries and Projects
How to manage your projects, and the super-project.
Folder Icon Regular Expressions
How to use regular expressions.
Folder Icon HTML Validation
How to validate HTML text documents.
Folder Icon Preview and Printing
Getting hardcopies from your documents.

Generalised Help Pages

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All of our applications are built on our VObject library, application framework. Individually applications develop particular themes or purposes. We aim to provide help and documentation for individual applications on their homepages. Where capabilities are shared, because of the common libraries, documentation is provided here.

Some of the documentation, like the regular expression help, may have a wider audience than those who use our software directly.

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