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Comprehensive help on Osmium including installation, licensing and use.

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Osmium - Plain Text Editor

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Osmium is our first application offering, a straightforward, inexpensive plain text editor for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

With the exception, perhaps, of raw binary bytes plain text is the simplest and most primative of computing formats. It is a ubiquitous and largely platform independent format. Underpinning the vast majority of formal and informal programming languages, e-mail and the web, the humble text file is a cornerstone that makes computers work.

At Solid Fluid we have big ambitions to provide all manner of software solutions, some that already exist, and others that don't. We can't ignore the importance of being able to work conveniently with text files in almost any circumstance, and so we have developed this text handling capability in support of all the things we want to do in future.

Irrespective, we also recognise the usefulness of a plain text editor as a standalone capability, and so it is offered for everyone, here.

Our text editor inherits all of the generic capabilities of our application framework;

  • A versatile library/project management capability
  • Inbuilt HTML validation
  • Regex capable search/replace and find in files, with a clickable results pane
  • Combined benefits of the single and multiple document interfaces with additional tabbed views
  • Comprehensive undo/redo capability
  • Simplified toolbar/workpanes without unnecassary complexity
  • Low footprint window frames

In addition to these inherent features, the text editor pane offers;

  • Easily configured syntax hilighting, with nested language support
  • Dynamic, operating system integrated, file type handling, with built in icon generation
  • Dynamic word and character wrapping scheme
  • Customisable tabbing scheme
  • Block and line editing modes
  • Capacity to handle and convert all possible line end types
  • Good support for all but the very largest of text files (>100MB)

Osmium works with WindowsXP, Windows Vista and Windows7.

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All of our software is downloadable, without hinderance, but Osmium will require a licence key in order to allow it to function. Licensing options are given below.

Available Downloads

Download icon Osmium
Version 1.3
VObject Version 3.1
Generally stable, some minor bugs.
Core capabilities present, plenty of room for functional enhancement.

As a reminder, or a primer in the case that you don't already know, the best thing to do is download and install the application before purchasing a licence. Once you have the application running, then come back here with the "Instance Id" from the application install. You may need the Instance Id depending on the type of licence you choose to purchase.

For a step by step guide to installation and licence registration, check out our guide here.

Application Licences

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