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What's it all about then?

This site (like all my software at the moment) is built on the MS Windows platform, and for the internet capabilities, particularly Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). The core components that I have written to adapt it for my needs are;

  • Content Management System
  • Search System
  • e-Commerce System
In conjunction with Zend's superb PHP scripting language I run phpBB3 with one of the main open source databases. To me PHP is the natural solution to the "maze of confusion" which is (or can be) web scriping languages. I use it as a "glue language" with which I can form templated page layouts. I like PHP mainly because it's very similar to C++ which I am most comfortable with. Many web experts are very keen on CSS. I recognise their claims for it's power and do in fact use CSS where it seems useful. Tables seem to do everything that I want, and have the benefit of almost universal compatibility.

I accept that my pages look quite basic. If you wanted to use this software there is no reason to prevent your pages appearing any way you wished.

What I'm doing here doesn't just revolve around internet solutions. All my apps are based on the same framework, and so they all end up looking similar... Hey! By the power of screen grabbing, here's one now, just to brighten the place up a bit.

Everything I'm doing works primarily with Windows Vista, but also with Windows XP and as of today Windows 7 too. We'll have to see how windows seven and the future develops but I guess the primary aim is to maintain compatibility with immediately previous and next (where possible) versions of windows. It's a reasonably sizeable task but as soon as I can support Unix\Linux and X11 I hope so to do.

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