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Who am I?

Back in 2001, I was working as an electronics engineer for a small company in the aircraft simulation industry. Unfortunately as a result of the of September 11th atrocities, the company for which I had worked, for only a short while, were keen to downsize. I was essentially made redundant. What with an emergent Chinese powerhouse, and a Dotcom boom in sharp retreat I found it difficult to secure work for the first time since I had left University, some six years previously.

At the time things were looking pretty bleak. I needed something to do with my time. I had considered attempting to start a business based on some sort of electronic design. Fairly quickly I realised that I needed to have a market crying out for a product that I already had in order to make the enterprise financially viable. In simple terms you just need so much cash to feed the manufacturing process, you have to be completely certain that your product is going to pay off.

I already had some significant pieces of C++ code created for interest in my spare time, and it seemed reasonable to continue development work on them. Much time has passed since then but progress has been steady. During that time my codebase and application framework has developed considerable breadth of capability.

My most recent period of software development has culminated in both software which I can sell, and now software which I can use to sell it. All of this software depends largely on the effort invested in my application framework. I know that I could have achieved these things without this effort, but what can be seen here today, is very much the starting point. I have more ideas than time. The software seen here is the minimum I need to start the journey I hope to make to sustainability and perhaps success.

In the long term, I don't know if I might make a living from selling the software I have written, or just selling my services to others. Perhaps I'll become a gardener! Only time will tell.

I hope you like what you find here. It's all a bit experimental at the moment but if you have something in mind, there are no boundaries, so don't hesitate to contact me.


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