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Installation of any Solid Fluid application is much like that of any other internet software resource. Windows Vista, and particularly UAC, introduces some new challenges, but these are things you will probably already be familiar with. If you are a home user none of these things are likely to present a problem. If you work in a typical corporate office environment, then it's probably best to show the system administrator this page, and get them to install the software for you.

A particular peculiarity of the way our licencing scheme works is that, on a UAC enabled machine, not only does the installation require an admin context, but also the first time an application runs. This is especially important to note if you are installing our software on behalf of a third party who does not have admin rights on their machine. In addition to this, on a UAC enabled machine, all licensing activities and actions will require an administrative context.

Obviously if you are using windows XP, which does not implement UAC, then none of these issues will affect you. Equally with both Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the impact of UAC will depend entirely the settings you have configured for UAC on your machine.

Adjacent on the left are pages that offer a step by step guide demonstrating installation.

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