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Checking out your basket

At this stage it you should have provided enough information to be able to check out. At the very bottom of the page is the checkout button. If this button is grey, and cannot be clicked, then there is something wrong with the data that you have provided. You'll need to run back through the basket page looking for red asterisks. When you see a red asterisk, there should be some help text adjacent, advising on how to proceed.

Assuming there are no problems, click the checkout button. This action will take you to a final page that looks like the basket page, but does not have the capability to be edited. Use this opportunity to double check the data that you provided.

In particular check that the e-mail addresses that you provided are correct. Because we deliver licenses by e-mail, if you get the e-mail address wrong, then we will be unable to satisfy your order, and we will have to cancel it.

Also check that the quantity fields for the licences you wish to purchase are correct. The way in which the internet browser passes this data to us makes it very easy to get the wrong quantities.

If you are satisfied that everything is as it should be, then click the pay button at the bottom of the final basket page. This action will take you offsite to our credit card provider. Notice that they provide a secure link to your browser (the padlock or green url bar on modern browsers), and details of the credit cards they accept. This page is that of our credit card provider. It is nothing to do with us. If you have problems with this aspect of obtaining your licence, then you need to contact RBS WorldPay here.

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